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Europe is a continent that stretches across the western fifth of the Eurasian landmass. Geographically speaking Europe has the characteristics of a subcontinent that together with Asia shapes the continent of Eurasia. Historically and culturally, however, it is considered a separate continent. According to ancient Greek mythology, Εύρώπη (Europa) was the name of a Phoenician princess, who kidnapped Zeus on a floating bull and brought him to the island of Crete where she seduced him. In the 5th Century BC, the Greek writer and geographer Herodotus referred to the landmass north of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea as “Europe” in order to distinguish it from the landmasses of Asia and Africa.

One might think that particularly in Europe, Waldorf education stands financially speaking on its own feet or at least receives sufficient government support. That may be the case in some Scandinavian countries and to some extend also in Germany, but especially in Eastern European countries Waldorf education is not only facing financial hurdles, but also depends on the despotism of the government in power, especially concerning real estate related issues. In Western European countries like France, England, Switzerland, etc., one would also not suspect that Waldorf schools are actually entirely privately funded.

Especially in Eastern European countries like Poland, Armenia, Moldova, etc. The Friends of Waldorf Education help with sponsorships. For countries such as France, it is has been much more difficult to attract sponsors from Germany. Therefore the Friends hope that in the future they can strengthen Waldorf Schools that do not receive government support even in countries like France.

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