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Corona Aid: Help for Waldorf Schools Worldwide

The pandemic has seen the lengthy and widespread closures of crèches, kindergartens, schools and educational institutions in many countries. The financial contributions of many parents have become uncertain or dried up completely as a result of reduced working hours, the furloughing of employees and the loss of many jobs.

Our new call for donations to mitigate the consequences of the corona crisis

[Translate to English:] Die Corona-Pandemie verschärft die globale und soziale Ungleichheit. Dies bekommen auch Waldorfschulen und Waldorfkindergärten zu spüren. Mit unserem Spendenaufruf möchten wir ihnen helfen.

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Joint Action in response to the Corona virus: a first major success

The Friends of Waldorf Education have joined forces with various foundations and international Waldorf organizations to support Waldorf Schools and Waldorf Kindergartens affected by the economic consequences of the lockdown in their countries.

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Mitigating the Consequences of the Corona Crisis

With our urgent call we would like to support Waldorf Schools affected by the economic consequences of the lockdowns in their respective countries and ask for help in implementing emergency educational programs.

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Corona reports from the schools

We receive daily reports of the special situations in Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens and curative education institutions. You can read more about the consequences of the Corona crisis for them and how they are facing these challenges here.

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