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Waldorf initiative in Silute

Silute is a small town in Lithuania with a population of around 22,500 inhabitants. It is located in the western part of Lithuania and has something special in geography, architecture and landscape. The lagoon at the side of the Baltic sea, nearby the flowing Nemunas, old buildings and green landscape delight every guest and local resident.

Living in a democratic state we are creating our future and state our opinion about the development of the educational system. “We are looking for education which is not only education, but life too, from which arises fascination, respect, love for the developing man. We need new scientific attitudes. We need a new heart for all educational and teaching plans.” (Marie Steiner, extract from her speech during the opening of the first Waldorf school in 1919).

Silute Waldorf pedagogical society was founded seven years ago at 5th of December 2000. Its birth was initiated by the work with children in one group of the state kindergarten “Zibute” (Violet). There started the first impulses of our big and interesting task. This group is called “Sunflower”, has been existing for 13 years already and is attended by 20 and more children.

Our main sponsors, spiritual teachers and helpers are Ruth and Archibald Bajorat (Germany), Ilse Lemke from the German-Lithuanian Society, Lithuanian Waldorf pedagogical centre, teachers, parents, doctors, 15 actively working members from Silute Waldorf pedagogical society and some other sympathizing people. We’ve also relationships to the administration of the Municipality. They have allotted a rhythmic massage specialist for the staff to strengthen children’s health.  

Next year we’re going to open two groups in the kindergarten “Little Pine”, where the elements of Waldorf education are going to be put into practice. Three teachers are attending a two-year seminar in Kaunas.

Waldorf pedagogic is confirmed in the governmental level as non-traditional teaching pedagogic. The conception has been prepared, and we want to apply this pedagogic essentially and not only its elements. Our dream is to build a “shining town on the hill”: a private country-like kindergarten. Having our own space we will pursue the following goals:

- create an artistic kindergarten based on the ecological concept (domestic animals, ecological farm, Lithuanian traditions),
- create an environment, where children could grow and develop both physically and spiritually in a healthy way,
- to start a primary school,
- to base ourselves on self-understanding psychology, anthroposophical understanding of the world, to learn from children being among them.

We think that with this private initiative something special will be done. But the local self-governing organs don’t support the private initiatives. A teacher can hardly have money for training abroad. Teacher’s salary in the kindergarten is only 200-400 Euros depending on training and work record. But when you really want something very much, all the world secretly help you to realize this desire – that is our hope...

Silute Waldorf pedagogical society

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