You. matter.

The things that excite you, the work you wish to do, the traces you want to leave behind, your dormant talents that are waiting to be discovered – all that matters.

Whatever you are looking for, with a voluntary service at Friends of Waldorf Education you will find a lot of things: Experience, friends, recognition, exciting career prospects or even fascinating sides of yourself that you did not even know you had in you. In the following, you will find out which volunteer services are available, what they offer you, how you can apply and what others say about their service.


Ausführliche Informationen zum Freiwilligendienst auf Deutsch anzeigen

Volunteer or partner with us!

Whether you are interested in volunteering in Germany for a year or if you work for an organisation considering to partner with us and hosting German volunteers, you will find all useful information by tapping or clicking one of the photos.

Application procedure for au-pairs or foreigners already living in Germany

Voluntary service for internationals living in Germany

Do you already live in Germany or work as an au-pair and would like to do a voluntary service? Depending on your visa status, you might not only be eligible for a voluntary service in Germany but even abroad. As we cannot make general statements before we know your exact circumstances, please contact us via phone call or e-mail so we can tell you which application form is the right one for you:

phone: +49 (0)721 20111-130 or

e-mail: .

Thank you and good luck!