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The Friends

Since 40 years, the Friends of Waldorf Education promote Waldorf education around the globe. Thus far we have been able to support more than 830 Waldorf initiatives worldwide. Each year 1.600 young people commit to a voluntary service and by the worldwide student campaign WOW-Day children get enabled to go to school. All our donations are forwarded at 100%. Furthermore, our emergency education program has been able to conduct urgently needed rehabilitation campaigns in many conflict areas.

About us

The Friends of Waldorf Education support Waldorf schools, kindergartens, curative education facilities and social projects worldwide since 1976. We always forward all donations at 100%. So far, more than 600 projects have received support through us.

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Our ideas and values

The Friends of Waldorf Education are active for a free, developmentally open, diverse society.

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The Friends of Waldorf Education were founded on 10 October 1971 to serve this educational movement. Optimism and new awareness of the social tasks that lay ahead prevailed at the time when Ernst Weißert and Dr. Manfred Leist established the Friends.

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Our newsletter appears twice a year in spring and autumn. With reports from several projects we want to give you a lively insight into the world-wide diversity of Waldorf schools, kindergartens, therapeutic centers and other educational…

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[Translate to English:] In unseren Büros in Berlin und Karlsruhe arbeiten diese engagierten Menschen für die Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners in verschiedenen Funktionen...

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Non-profit status + transparency

Hier finden Sie Unterlagen zur Gemeinnützigkeit der Freunde der Erziehungskunst: Freistellungsbescheid, Satzung und Vereinsregisterauszug

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