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There is a lot of music in Poznan

Poland: In 2006, teachers and parents founded the Educational Foundation for the Independent Waldorf School in Poznan. This foundation receives a share of the taxpayers’ money from the city of Poznan. In 2007, the Foundation established the Independent Elementary Waldorf School and rented rooms at a public elementary school.

Subjects that are being taught are Polish, mathematics, geometric drawing, English, German, French, music, handicrafts, painting, eurythmy, sports, either religion or ethics, and swimming. Since there is no sports hall, sports lessons take place on the playground in case of good weather and otherwise in the entrance hall. There are four classrooms and each of them is 25 square meters big.

Furthermore there are a lot of opportunities to play musical instruments. Students may participate in the school orchestra. Additionally individual classes are being offered once a week, including lessons for piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, trumpet and trombone.

The school employs four grade teachers, a kindergarten teacher, a nursery teacher and six specialist teachers. All teachers have completed teacher training at a public university, eight of them are additionally trained Waldorf teachers. The youngest teacher is 23 years old, the oldest 65 years. Overall, approximately 40 children currently attend the school.

The school is funded by the parents, through government grants and donations, as well as through 1% of the tax revenue from the city of Poznan. In 2009, the school set up a fund for social projects and for orchestra related projects. The social fund supports parents who cannot afford the school fees. The orchestra fund is set for the purchase of new musical instruments.

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