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Our publications

World School List

The World List lists current addresses of all Waldorf- and Steiner schools, Waldorfkindergartens, Waldorf associations and teacher-training centres for Waldorf educators and Waldorf teachers around the world, updated at least once a year.

Newsletter "Keep up with the Friends"

Our free newsletter "Keep up with the Friends" is published several times a year in ​​German, English and Spanish. In this newsletter we inform you about the latest developments and news concerning our work.

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erziehungskunst spezial - for the 40th anniversary

„A friend stands by you - in good times and in bad. And he gives help - always and without selfish intent“ So leads Mathias Maurer the reader into the December edition of Erziehungskunst Spezial.

For the 40th anniversary of Freunde der Erziehungskunst a special edition was published under the titel  „One world –one idea“, which introduces into the global challenges and the social need of a free education system. 

Deutsch | Englisch | Espanol

"Waldorf Education worldwide"

On occasion of our 30th anniversary we published in October 2001 this publication (208 pages, many pictures) about the development of the Waldorf and curative pedagogic momevent in over 60 countries of the world.

Detailed contributions about the history of Friends of Waldorf Education, of the Waldorf Education and anthroposophical curative education are followed by 60 country reports on 1-2 double pages. People describe authentically the development, situation and characteristics of the Waldorf Education in their respective country. These reports are completed by statistics and contact details.

"Waldorf Education" - an introduction

Our catalogue "Waldorf Education" (87 pages, many pictures) gives a very good introduction to the principles of Waldorf education.

It is available in 14 languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabian, Romanian, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Japanese, Korean.


Chinese Glossary of Terms

Rudolf Steiner’s written publications are an important basic element for the development of the fast growing anthroposophical movement in China. Unfortunately, these texts are often only inadequately translated into the Chinese language, which is quite a problem given the many terms and concepts coined and created by Steiner himself. Since 2008, a team of translators under the direction of Astrid Schröter has been working hard in cooperation with the Friends of Waldorf Education to develop a comprehensive glossary, which considers the development of the chinese language, philosophy, and history as well the scientific character of the termini technici which Rudolf Steiner introduced as new concepts.

Chemistry Reader

The chemistry reader specifically addresses beginners. It could serve as a tool helping new teachers to develop a chemistry curriculum at a Waldorf school or to consult the reader in situations when there is little external help available. The reader cites authors who have shaped the chemistry lessons in Waldorf schools from 1919 to today. This reader is not designed to provide an exact blueprint for the classroom. Rather, its purpose is to provide suggestions guiding each individual teacher in the development of his or her own teaching concept and adapting the content of the reader to the specific teaching situation. Blog post about the reader

German Reader, English Reader, Spanish Reader, Russian Reader

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