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Gödöllő – School of Pioneers

Hungary: One of the first schools of the Hungarian Waldorf movement was founded in 1991 in Gödöllő, the town just outside of Budapest, where the last emperor of Habsburg had built a castle for his Sissi. Today, about 200 children attend eight classes and kindergarten at the Gödöllő Waldorf School.

The events that led up to founding the Gödöllő Waldorf School commenced sometime in summer 1988. In fact, it was around that time that the people of this long-silenced country were starting to raise their voices for change. One such group of brave pioneers, was particularly concerned with the education of future generations. Out of this impulse they founded a kindergarten and later a school.

Several teachers, who had been trained in Witten-Annen, Germany, established this school on the property of the Agricultural College throughout the following years. Intensive weekends of hard work and parents with sledge hammers, nails and brushes meant that the school could also grow physically, making it the second Waldorf school in Hungary with upper levels. The Friends of Waldorf Education and the Software AG Foundation supported the school, among others, with the construction of the sports hall, thus enabling them to meet the necessary standards to establish upper levels.

The school continued to grow and prosper, also went through several crises, and decided after 14 years to give up its own upper levels - in favour of the first regional high school in Budapest-Ujpest. In this respect the school community once again demonstrated its courage to be pioneers.

Now the school plans to finally purchase its own building and property. Indeed children, parents and teachers, who work particularly well together at this school, are excited about this prospect and appreciate your support.

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