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Ethiopia: Food for the families of Finks Hawzien

Over 400 families in Hawzien, Ethiopia, were able to be supplied with wheat flour. A 25 KG sack of flour will ensure the supply of the families for one month. The sacks are collected by the women, sometimes they can sign for the goods, more often they make a thumbprint. 90% of the parents of the...

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Chile: Help for a fledgling school in Arica

During the summer months in Chile, the small school in Arica was able to conduct a large construction project right up until the beginning of March. The construction materials for building a classroom for the third grade were funded by the Friends of Waldorf Education from donations out of the...

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WOW-Day: Here is where your help comes into effect - Kenia: equipment of kindergarten rooms

„Your gift will go into a worthy cause where it will be able to effect education from its early introduction stages. On behalf of the children and the staff of the Mbagathi Steiner School we express our gratitude to you all for your generous donation.“

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Joint Action in response to the Corona virus: a first major success

The Friends of Waldorf Education have joined forces with various foundations and international Waldorf organizations to support Waldorf Schools and Waldorf Kindergartens affected by the economic consequences of the lockdown in their countries.

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WOW-Day: Here, your help will do good - Georgia: Support for everyday life

"There are many special friends living in TEMI that do not receive any public funds and have no parents or family. The community is very happy to receive financial support for their daily lives.“

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WOW-Day: Here's where your help goes - Guatemala: classromm supplies and nutritional snack’s program

„Your WOW-Day donation will be used to supplement the rigorous nutrition program for the students”  

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Zanzibar: Healthier Children Thanks to Better School Meals

Thanks to your donations, the Rudolf Steiner School Zanzibar is able to offer its students better and more regular school meals - with significant effects on the health of the children.

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WOW-Day: Here’s where your help goes - Kenya: support for the school lunch

"The WOW-Day donation will be used for the children's school meals. This way the children receive a balanced diet and can concentrate better during the school day.”

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WOW-Day: Here’s where your help goes - Tajikistan: renovation of the roof and of the handicraft room

"Thanks to your support we could realize many school projects: we have renovated the roof of our school and a handicraft room, we have also finished the room for German lessons.”

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2020 List of all Waldorf Schools around the world

The latest version of the List of all Waldorf Schools was published in May 2020. In the Waldorf World List you will find the addresses of all Waldorf Schools, Waldorf Kindergartens, Waldorf Associations and Waldorf Teacher Trainings worldwide. It is updated at least once a year and published as a...

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Empower & donate now
Empower & donate now
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Bleibt optimistisch und macht mit.

Sicher fragen sich gerade viele von euch, wie ein Freiwilligendienst ab Herbst 2020 möglich sein wird. Wir bleiben zuversichtlich und arbeiten intensiv an Lösungen. Deshalb gilt: Bewerbt euch weiter und denkt positiv! Alle, die sich weltweit sozial engagieren wollen und optimistisch nach vorne schauen, werden gerade jetzt besonders gebraucht. Unsere Einsatzstellen freuen sich auf euch. Gemeinsam werden wir es schaffen, den Weg in euren Freiwilligendienst zu ermöglichen.

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