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Waldorf Education in Angola

In February the Angolan National Institute for Education Research (INIDE) hosted a lecture in the capital Luanda on alphabetization and learning how to read and write in Angola's primary schools. António and Tetiana Bazola also took part. Together, they founded and established Angola's only Waldorf...

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Videos: Stabilisation through Emergency Pedagogy

Our everyday life is increasingly restricted by the corona crisis. Many people are worried and especially children are frightened by this situation. However, fear and stress weaken the immune system. Therefore, in addition to interrupting the chains of infection and the necessary hygiene measures,...

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Corona crisis and Emergency Pedagogy

Due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, all emergency pedagogical missions and seminars/training events are cancelled until further notice. The corona pandemic is causing great uncertainty, tension and fear for many people, which is why we are currently looking for alternative ways to...

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Project of the month: New Waldorf School in Ireland

Waldorf Education began on the Emerald Isle in the mid-1980s, at first in bitter poverty, then, after a long struggle with the Catholic-dominated Irish school system, with state support from 2008 onwards and with a considerable change in the curriculum. The number of Waldorf Schools has remained...

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Fairy tale of the month

Just in time for the first day of spring, we go to the Waldorf School Kishinev in Moldova. At this time the spring fairy tale Martsishor is told there.

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Impressions of the WOW-Year - WOW-Day in Hungary

"In recent years, participation in WOW-Day has become an integral part of the school year for the Napraforgó Waldorf Általános Iskola in Debrecen, Hungary."

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Impressions of the WOW-Year: WOW-Day in Taiwan

"This year, we had not only booths to sell our hand-made products; games designed by our own children, but also had more experiencing type of activities. Many of the activities were initiated by children themselves.”

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WOW-Day: Here's where your help goes - Ethiopia: bread and milk

„Thanks to your donation, the supply of the children with bread from our own bakery and milk is secured for more than a year."

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WOW-Day: Here's where your help goes - Philippines: roof and playground

"On behalf of our school administration and our students, who finally have beautiful school desks, I would like to thank you very much.”

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Fairy Tale of the Month

In February a folktale from the Windhoek Waldorf School found its way to us. There The Story of Nangobe waMtutu is passed on from generation to generation. It tells of how a daughter mourns her deceased mother.   The clothes that people wore were made of animal skin. And a mother used a soft skin...

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