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2021 List of all Waldorf Schools around the world

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The latest version of the List of all Waldorf Schools was published in May 2021. In the Waldorf World List you will find the addresses of all Waldorf Schools, Waldorf Kindergartens, Waldorf Associations and Waldorf Teacher Trainings worldwide. It is updated at least once a year and published as a…

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Joint Action: Corona Help. Reliable lessons for the children in the Khayelitsha township

The Zenzeleni School for Creative Education is located in one of the townships around Cape Town. The parents of most of the children who go to school here earn their money with their own small businesses, selling vegetables or fruit. Others find work in the hospitality industry, or in tourism.…

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Waldorf on Turkey's south coast

Where there is normally a lot of activity and life, there has been a yawning emptiness since the pandemic measures cut across normal life. With the absence of tourists, the coffers are empty and parents who send their children to the kindergarten and primary classes at the Waldorf School in Alanya…

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This is where your donations go: CREAR in Brazil

Capao Bonito, about 233 km from São Paulo, is home to the non-profit organization CREAR. What CREAR does and how the children get to the facility, you can find out here.

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Joint Action: Corona Help. The young Kindergarten of Pampa del Infierno in Argentina

Pampa del Infierno is a very small town in the north of Argentina. In the middle of the endless grassy landscape some highly committed parents founded the Waldorf Kindergarten, Colmena Azul and also found some kindergarten teachers in the area. The Corona crisis put the young Waldorf initiative to…

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Joint Action: Corona Help. Help for an independent Waldorf School in Bristol

In the southwest of England, the Bristol Steiner School has been offering Waldorf education since 1973. When a state funded Steiner Academy was opened near the school, many students migrated because the school fees for the Waldorf School are a high hurdle for many parents. As of September 2017, the…

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Joint Action: Corona Help Open-air classrooms at the Waldorf School in Alanya

Founded in 2016, the Waldorf School in Alanya teaches students from kindergarten to eighth grade. As an independent school, it receives no state support and relies on parent contributions and donations for funding. The parents of most of the children work in the tourism sector and are still…

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Zanzibar: Cows for the Waldorf School

There has been a small Waldorf school in Zanzibar since 2012. In this semi-autonomous island province off the coast of Tanzania, half of the population lives below the poverty line and about 12 percent of the children are malnourished. Most of the children who attend the school come from just such…

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WOW-Day 2020: A big thank you from the Cosmos Centre in Ghana

"Medase!" is what they say in Ghana for "Thank you!". With these words, the people from the Cosmos Center in Dormaa thank the dedicated students who participated in WOW-Day 2020. Here, you can find out where your donation will go and what the school route of the "Nsuoba" - the ‘river children’ (in…

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Our Project of the Month: Waldorf in Galicia

Nestled in the Galician countryside is the small, inclusive school, Meniñeiros, the only Waldorf school in Galicia, which began in 2003 with a kindergarten. Since 2009, the farm and orchard have been wonderful and much-loved places for play and learning for the children in the kindergarten and…

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