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Emergency Pedagogy in Syria after the earthquake

After the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, a  team was able to carry out an acute intervention in the south of Turkey. However, for  security reasons,  it is currently very difficult to enter Syria. We do not yet have a solid network there that would allow us to work directly on the ground. Yet  the…

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Educational sponsorships: Effective giving

Enabling children to receive an education is one of our noblest tasks. There are many reasons why even today, millions of children are not able to go to school, and thus remain permanently excluded from social life. Of course, children have rights, but they are not respected everywhere. We work to…

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Portugal: Together into the future

Escola Waldorf a Oliveira was founded 15 years ago and in the course of its development, it has had to spread over three different locations near Lagos. Now it has finally been possible to acquire a plot of land in the neighbourhood of the kindergarten, where the school's nine classes have space…

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Nepal: New perspectives for the Tashi Waldorf School in Kathmandu

The Tashi Waldorf School was able to regain some reliability and regularity last year after several crises, some of which were caused by the pandemic. The small school in Kathmandu is currently attended by 64 children in two kindergarten groups and grades 1-3. Teacher Dil Maya Adhikari reports on…

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The Friends at the World Teachers' Conference at the Goetheanum

From April 10 to 15, the World Teachers' Conference took place at the Goetheanum. 1,000 teachers from over 60 countries met for five days in Dornach, Switzerland. Under the motto "Affirming - Nurturing - Trusting, an Education for Today and Tomorrow," lectures discussed important aspects of teaching…

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Ukraine: Introductory seminars in emergency and trauma pedagogy

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From the 13th to 24th of March 2023, a team of 7 international and local trauma educators conducted two 4-day introductory seminars in Trauma Education in the western Ukrainian cities of Rivne and Lviv.

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Emergency Pedagogy in the Turkish earth quake zone

On February 6, two earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.5, occurring in quick succession, caused widespread destruction in parts of Turkey and Syria. More than 50,000 people were killed - including at least 45,968 in Turkey and 7,259 in Syria - and thousands were injured. The earthquakes also…

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Emergency Pedagogy in South Africa: Completion of the module training

The Friends of Waldorf Education's emergency pedagogy is continuously working to expand and consolidate its worldwide network. In the meantime, teams have been trained in 24 countries that can help quickly, unbureaucratically and, above all, sustainably in the event of a crisis. Thus, in addition to…

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Emergency pedagogy against youth violence in Colombia

Crime and violence are still widespread in Colombia. Many young people grow up in difficult conditions and without stable attachment figures and join youth gangs that fight each other. Young people who infiltrate the territories of other gangs are often attacked and hospitalised with gunshot and…

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Argentina: A kindergarten in the rainforest sets examples for waldorf elements at school

Six years ago, as part of their voluntary service, Elisabeth Rybak and Paula Kiefer visited the village of Ñamandu, where there is already a school for the children of the indigenous Mbaya-Guaraní culture. Although the younger children come to school together with their older siblings, the state…

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