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Ideas for Your Campaign

On WOW-Day, you dedicate your efforts towards enabling children and teenagers in difficult circumstances to gain access to Waldorf education and towards improving the living and working conditions of people with disabilities.

  • How about taking on a job at an interesting firm for one day?
  • Helping farmers harvest potatoes? 
  • Organising a raffle? 

There are countless ways to shape your own WOW-Day. A collection of colourful ideas can be found here.

Top 5 Ideas

Work for a day

To work for a day may be an exciting experience. How about helping the neighbours, running errands for the elderly or working in a company? Perhaps you gain a valuable insight into what profession you would like to pursue after school.

Sales activities

From freshly prepared specialties to homemade postcards, bracelets or notebooks - a sales booth offers many opportunities. Similarly, you could organize a flea market with all the things that you no longer need, but that may just be what someone else is looking for.

Charity runs

Ready, steady, go! A charity run provides you with the opportunity to test your limits. Find a running track and sponsors that are willing to support you and you are ready to go! More information

Discover your talents

Making music as a street musician, performing a skit or a circus show - you can discover your hidden talents working for WOW-Day. How about organizing a performance off the premises of your school, for example at a retirement home?


Make use of the project days and get to know a new country every year. Engage with that country’s geography and educational situation and, for example, learn traditional Indian dances or cook a spicy curry. Then you organize a colorful fair celebrating your chosen country’s culture and, instead of an entrance fee, have your visitors donate to a Waldorf institution in need.

How it works - design your activity

What is the best way to start if you want to create a WOW action? What do you need to keep in mind? This is how you plan your own WOW Day action step by step.

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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers.

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How to organize a charity run?

A charity run is a very popular WOW-Day fundraising activity. Below you can find all necessary information.

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