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Eyes on the future: New Waldorf Schools around the globe

Exactly 100 years after the opening of the first Waldorf School on the Uhlandshöhe in Stuttgart, a new Waldorf School opened in Dessau - it is now one of about 1,150 Waldorf Schools worldwide. The school in Dessau has - just like the Uhlandshöhe 100 years earlier, already achieved a lot before the opening: A suitable school building was found, which was renovated and furnished, teachers were found and trained and parents in the surrounding area were informed about the features of Waldorf education.

What happened 100 years ago repeats itself in large parts with every school founding - in Germany and all over the world. Setting up a school is always a special challenge. In the vast majority of countries, independent schools do not receive any state support at all - there are no financial resources available for schools in the founding phase. For the Friends of Waldorf Education it is very important to support these schools. For this reason, on the following pages we present three exemplary schools that are in the founding phase: the Dublin Steiner School in Ireland, the KATÙ school in San José - Costa Rica, and the LunaSol initiative in Cuenca - Ecuador.

Ecuador: LunaSol in Cuenca

In October 2019, the LunaSol initiative started with a kindergarten for children aged three to five. At the moment we are in the process of adapting the furniture and procuring all of the necessary materials.

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"Hardly anyone in Ireland knows Waldorf Schools"

Since 2015, parents from Dublin have tried to integrate a primary school into a Dublin-based kindergarten. The school was founded in 2017 with a first class of eight children.

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Costa Rica: KATÚ in San José

The desire for a school has actually existed since the beginning of the teacher training in 2013, but the concrete preparations have only been in progress since 2017, due to the cooperation with the founding parents. The first class was opened on 1...

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