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Emergency Pedagogy: International Network

We provide worldwide pedagogical first aid for children and young people in war and disaster zones

Threatening and actual natural disasters, migration and difficult life situations not only impair external security, but also affect physical stability and can trigger trauma. Children and adolescents are particularly affected. Their psychological and physical sense of security is still heavily dependent on external stability and close social cohesion.

Since the beginning of Emergency Pedagogy more than 10 years ago, the Friends of Waldorf Education have been working continuously to expand and consolidate their worldwide emergency pedagogical network. In the meantime, teams have been trained and established in 24 countries in the field of emergency and trauma pedagogy that can help quickly, unbureaucratically and above all sustainably in the event of a crisis. Representatives of these country teams have united in June of this year on the eighth annual Emergency Pedagogy conference in Karlsruhe with signature of the common framework agreement to an international emergency pedagogical group, which would like to make " Emergency Pedagogy without borders " possible. Thus the Emergency Pedagogy focuses on acute help for children in crisis areas as well as on help from their own hands provided by local people.

The member countries of the international Emergency Pedagogical Network are:
Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Colombia, Germany, Palestine, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Zimbabwe.

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