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Waldorf schools in the Czech Republic

Waldorf schools in the Czech Republic both publically and privately funded are strongly promoting educational reforms that bring them together with other Czech reform schools. Such connectedness certainly helps and thus Waldorf schools have gained a good reputation in certain circles. Furthermore, some Waldorf schools in the Czech Republic also regularly participate in the WOW-Day campaign.

Throughout the Czech Republic seven primary Waldorf schools exist in Ostrava, Pisek, Prague, Pribram, Brno, Pardubice and Semily. There are also two non-independent Waldorf elementary schools in Prague and Plzen that work under the direction of a public elementary school. And three non-governmental Waldorf elementary schools operate in Ceske Budejovice, Olomouc and Karlovy Vary. Waldorf high schools are located in Ostrava, Prague, Liberec, Pribram and a curative educational Waldorf School is located in Prague.

Some Waldorf schools operate as independent schools. This does not necessarily result in a loss of public funding, because elementary education is considered compulsory and is therefore financed by the Government. In general, however, these schools receive comparatively much less government support than public schools (about 20 - 30% less). Therefore income from school fees must cover the difference. The specific annual amount of government subsidies is also affected by the audit conducted by the State and the report written by the Czech school inspection authority.

The Czech Waldorf Association coordinates the development of Waldorf education and represents the movement towards the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education. At the same time the association helps connecting new initiatives and organizes Waldorf teacher training. Each year a summer academy with lectures, workshops and art classes for the public takes place in Pardubice. In Prague and Pribram there are teacher-training facilities. Furthermore, the magazine “People and Education” for the Czech Waldorf community is published on a quarterly basis.


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