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An own Waldorf School in Iasi – Just a dream?

In 1991, the Waldorf school in Iasi was founded in northeastern Romania by dedicated parents. This year all, that is 100 percent of the students, successfully graduated with the Baccalaureate and therefore the school was far above the national average of 44 percent. The school has reached this success even though it is has been teaching in six rooms of another public school since 1991. This works only because the students are taught in a morning and an afternoon shift.

The desire for a new building has already come up several years ago. The new school was planned on the outskirts of the city, in a beautiful green and quiet environment. Construction began, but was never completed, because the school ran out of money.

The school has tried to mobilize the wealthy parents, but the large sum that is necessary for the construction, seems daunting, “We are not so rich to support such a large building,” said most of them. Also it is impossible to plan with, unpaid labor for construction, because a qualified personnel is needed to guarantee safety.

The city government is willing to contribute 30,000 Euros for connectors and cables, when the building is finished. Nevertheless, it is difficult for the parents and friends of the school to raise the construction funds. In Romania, the average of the population lives with less than 300 € a month. The school still works in the old facility, even though the school district wants them to move out of the six rooms.

The narrow and temporary conditions do not become easier with the new school laws, because more and more conditions are being implemented that are incompatible with Waldorf Education (for example teacher licenses and school licenses only for schools with more than 300 students, or the adaptation to the national curriculum).

Now, the school puts up a new effort to finally reach its dream of an own building, which will provide a long-term perspective.

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