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The first Waldorf school in Poland

Poland: In 1992 the first Polish Waldorf school was founded in Warsaw. Already in 1985, a group of educators came together and offered public gatherings and lectures on Waldorf education. The fruitful outcome of this initiative was the foundation of the first Waldorf kindergarten in 1987. After the political changes in 1989 it became possible to open non-governmental schools. Three years later this subsequently led to the opening of the first Waldorf school in Poland, which received a Waldorf licence by the German Federation of Waldorf Schools.

The school began with about 50 children and the grades 1-3. Today, the first Waldorf school in Poland is located at the ul. Staszia 11A. There, they rented an area of 571 square meters. This property is also alternately used by the School No. 31, which partly employs Waldorf teaching methods. The Waldorf school is run in a typical Waldorf manner. The teachers are responsible for the educational work, while all other duties are the responsibility of the Foundation administration.

During the main lesson subjects like Polish, mathematics and geometric drawing are being taught in periods. Other lessons include German, English, Catholic religion, ethics, eurythmy, handicrafts, painting, music and sports. In addition, there is physical education for grades III and IV. Eurythmy is only taught in grades I and II, the upper grades V and VI have additional lessons in computer science and woodwork. Each class teacher has one hour a week available to discuss problems with his students.

Furthermore, the school offers an after school care program. In the afternoon an educator supervises the children, who can participate in activity games, guitar lessons and a math study group.

The school employs 25 teachers, out of which only two are men. All teachers have a master's degree. Additionally eight of them have studied Waldorf education at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw.

The school budget is covered by parents' contributions, community grants and donations.

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