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Emergency pedagogy plans assessment

Aid for the affected region

After the devastating cyclone in Mozambique, tens of thousands of affected people are in urgent need of support. The situation on the ground remains very difficult. Outside the airport, many regions can hardly or not at all be reached, and parts of the country are completely cut off from the outside world. Neighbouring countries Malawi and Zimbabwe are also affected. Together with our local contacts, we are currently examining the possibility of an assessment to prepare an emergency pedagogical mission. Donate and support our work after natural catastrophes.



Emergency Pedagogy

Emergency pedagogic interventions of the Friends are addressed at psychologically traumatized children and adolescents in war zones and disaster areas. Emergency pedagogy helps stabilize affected individuals psychologically and socially. This is done by supporting them in their efforts to process the traumatizing events, and thereby integrate them into their own biography. Through the activation of the body‘s self healing powers, possible long-term post-traumatic stress disorders can be minimized or avoided altogether. Our emergency pedagogic interventions are based on conceptions of Waldorf education and closely related therapeutic instruments.


Don't miss a thing! Current contents from emergency pedagogy with information on assignments, further training and about our work on site.

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You can help! Your ideal and financial support enables us to react quickly and effectively when disaster strikes.

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You will find an overview of all our operations in Germany and abroad as well as disaster risk management on the following pages.

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Seminars and Events

Information on all emergency pedagogical training courses, lectures and seminars worldwide, as well as on the annual conference and the module training.

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Information on the history of emergency pedagogy, on the term "trauma" and on the conception and methods of emergency pedagogy.

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An overview of published articles on emergency pedagogy and crisis interventions as well as our press releases.

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