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Exhibition: Waldorf education worldwide

Our exhibition Waldorf education worldwide was created 1994 for the 44th Sitting of the UNESCO International Education Conference in Geneva. Since then it has travelled the world and may be borrowed also for your events or outreach purposes.

Together with the exhibition we published our catalogue Waldorf Education reproducing the text and pictures of the 41 panels. It is an excellent introduction into Waldorf education and can be used independently of the exhibition.

The panels are arranged so that the visitor is systematically led through the following themes.

01-06:   what are the aims of Waldorf Education?
07-22:   the Elements of Waldorf education
23-30:   special aspects
31-33:   the structure of Waldorf Schools
34-35:   historical origins
36-40:   world wide activities
41:        co-operation with UNESCO Project Schools Network.

Costs and contact

The cost of insurance, storage and assembling the exhibition are around 350-400 Euros, not including transport costs. 

For bookings and similar issues contact us (phone 0049 (0)30 6170 2630, berlin(at)freunde-waldorf.de). for technical questions like transport and assemblage contact Ulrike Reisiger at Kooperative Dürnau (phone 0049 (0)7582 93000, ulrike(at)kooperative.de).

Technical details

The 41 panels are each 100×216×5 cms (width, height, thickness). There is also a blackboard panel which can be drawn on with chalk (in the same format) and 5 acrylic glass display cabinets with wooden frames which can be used to display local material (100×35×75 cms).

The titles and text panels are in English, German and French and can be attached with Velcro.

The panels are erected side by side and fixed with rods. If the floor is uneven the sleeves for the rods can be screwed in or out to adjust the angle. In order to assure that the panels are secure and stable, they must be arranged at an angle to each other, which also improves the visual appearance of the exhibition. The display cabinets must be supported on both sides by panels. At the head of each panel there is a halogen lamp (20W) and every 20 panels there is a 400 Watt transformer.

We provide
- A person to help with the transport and assembly.
- Advise on locating the exhibition.
- Material and tools.
- General insurance (transport, theft, burglary, water and fire damage – though not for damage due to careless handling or vandalism).

There needs to be:
- 150-200 sq. metre exhibition space (length of the panels plus display cabinets circa. 43 m).
- two power points (220 V) and an extension cable.
- supervision during the time the exhibition is open to the public and otherwise needs to be locked up.
- around 3-5 hours to assemble, around 2-3 hours to take exhibition down.

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