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New schools, special events or emergencies: Here you will find the latest news from Waldorf Schools, Waldorf Kindergartens and curative education institutions all over the world.

Letter from the Hague Circle to the schools and kindergartens.

The Hague Circle - the council of the Waldorf movement worldwide - met from 17-21 November 2021 and worked on current burning issues in Waldorf education. Here you will find a summary and overview of this work as well as the proposal to work together worldwide on three topics: 1. the pedagogical conference is the heart of the school, 2. grasping the cooperation with parents anew and 3. shaping the handling of digital media in a contemporary way.

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Promote educational justice now: Our new Call for Donations

The Corona pandemic is exacerbating global and social inequality. Waldorf schools and kindergartens are also feeling the effects. With our new appeal for donations we want to help them.

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Routes to School: the latest issue of "Waldorf Worlwide"

Every day, children all over the world make their way to their Waldorf school, their Waldorf kindergarten, their Waldorf after-school club, or related activities. Waldorf education as lived all over the world, is as diverse and different as the ways of the children and young people. For some it is a long walk on a dirt road, for others it might be an adventurous ride on a bicycle along a river, and for others still, it could be a challenging walk through dark alleyways. But the destination is always the same: a place of learning and care. We tell you about these different paths in this issue of "Waldorf Worldwide".

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UNESCO-Japan Prize for the Kusi Kawsay School in Peru

Once a year, UNESCO awards the "UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for sustainable development", funded by the Japanese government. Each prize is awarded to three exceptional projects or programmes that provide education that promotes learners' knowledge, attitudes, values and actions to address urgent current global challenges such as climate change and the creation of a better future for all. Among the three winners this year is Kusi Kawsay School, nominated for the award by the Friends of Waldorf Education. The school is in the Andes, and works with elements of Waldorf education, and is committed to protecting and preserving the rights, culture, values and livelihoods of the indigenous population. The prize was awarded on 19th November during the 41st session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris. Click here for the UNESCO press release

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Successful benefit concert for the therapeutic education facility, Qedeli in Georgia

The German-Georgian choir, Mze Shinas in Freiburg, raised €2,000 in donations with a benefit concert held in October. The donations will go to the Qedeli living and working community in Sighnaghi, Georgia. Qedeli offers 31 people with disabilities a place to live and work. There are several workshops that are geared towards self-sufficiency: gardening, baking, carpentry, a wool workshop and also a laundry. The community's own cows graze the surrounding meadows. However, not all their costs can be covered and the community depends on donations. The benefit concert by Mze Shinas was a great help. The choir reports about the concert on its website. Click here for a report on the concert with some excerpts.

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In September, the International Campus Waldorf (ICW) launched its online lecture series on CORE VALUES OF WALDORF EDUCATION. A group of lecturers from many countries will lecture in English on this topic from 14 September to 12 December 2021 on Tuesdays from 19:00-20:30. Participation is free and the lectures will be made available online. The International Campus Waldorf, an international association of Waldorf teacher training centres, has launched a joint online-based teaching and learning platform. The idea is to establish a 'global classroom' that aims to show the worldwide diversity of Waldorf education. Experiences can be shared and new contacts can be made. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: www.international-campus-waldorf.com

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SteinerWaldorf.World: New Interactive World Map

With an interactive world map, the new SteinerWaldorf.World website makes the global network of Waldorf education tangible - and thus raises the international cooperation of schools, kindergartens, universities and other institutions working in Waldorf education to a new level: "We are continuing what was successfully initiated in 2019 for the anniversary of Waldorf schools within the framework of Waldorf100 and at the anniversary festival in the Berlin Tempodrom," say the initiators.

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WOW Day 2020: Journeys to school

Despite the restrictions due to the Corona pandemic, some pupils and students managed to participate in the WOW Day and organise fundraisers. The proceeds went to Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens and therapeutic schools all over the world. We have asked some of the projects in receipt of WOW funds this year to send us a short story about how the children and young people come to them each day, along with their thanks for your support and commitment. We would like to share these exciting stories with everyone. That is why we are presenting some of them here in our digital newsletter, on our website and, in the next issue of "Waldorf Weltweit", which will be published in November. Today we are presenting the school journey of some pupils of the Darbari Waldorf School in India.

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Playground Containers for Children in Flooded Areas

After the Friends of Waldorf Education deployed emergency pedagogy in the flooded area in the Ahr valley, we provided the community of Rech with a mobile playground. In this way children have a safe place to play in the midst of an environment still scarred by the floods.

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École du Village in Haiti: Close to the epicenter

On 14th August, a powerful earthquake shook the island state of Haiti. The École du Village Waldorf school in Torbeck is located only a few kilometres away from Les Cayes, the town most affected by the quake. The epicentre of the earthquake, measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale, was only about 40 kilometres from the harbour town of Les Cayes - the town hardest hit by the earthquake. More than 2,000 people died and almost 10,000 were injured. In addition, more than 37,000 houses were destroyed - countless people were left homeless and unprotected by Storm Grace, which hit the island a few days after the earthquake with strong winds and heavy rains.

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Waldorf Worldwide

Since 1976, the Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e. V. (Friends of Waldorf Education) have been supporting Waldorf Schools, Waldorf Kindergartens, social therapy, and curative education institutions as well as social initiatives in order…

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Call for donations

The whole world is talking about and living with the Corona Crisis. In some parts of the world, the effects of the pandemic and the accompanying restrictions are compounded by other problems: wars as well as natural and man-made disasters lead to…

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Project of the month

Every month we introduce you to a Waldorf school or kindergarten in the world.

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Help a child go to school

In many countries Waldorf schools receive little or no government support. We arrange sponsorships in the sense of educational vouchers. Our approach is an agreement with the local school that the additional tuition fees coming from educational…

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