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Orfeu – Pioneer Work in Curative Education

Moldova: Orfeu is the name of a Curative Educational pilot initiative in Kishinev. The initiative assists 107 Kids in 8 grades and 35 children are attending the four kindergarten groups.

Moldova is located between Rumania and the Ukraine. The small country can look back on a downright alternating history. After being founded as a principality in the late medieval, Moldova had to surrender to the Ottoman in 1512. The time period as a satellite state of the Ottoman Empire lasted 300 years, until Moldova was integrated into the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 19th century. Militant trials of strength between various countries, lead to the fact that Moldova was at times under Rumanian- and at times under Russian jurisdiction.

The October Revolution in 1917 finally introduced the time period, in which the country named itself Moldavian Democratic Republic. However again it did not last long, when the Moldovan Democratic Republic and the Kingdom of Rumania joined forces against the powerful Soviet Union, only to loose the battle against the red enemy. Thus in 1940, the Moldovan Soviet Republic was established. It was only in 1991 that Moldova regained its independence. From being a fruit- and vegetable supplier to the Soviet Union, the economical basis was now broken apart and thus, Moldova turned out to be the poorest country in Europe.

The Beginning of Curative Education in Moldova

The first initiative following the guidelines of Curative Education was and still is Orfeu. Here people with special needs are being assisted and trained, who otherwise would hardly have any future prospects. 33 teachers and educators care for the disabled. Furthermore, the various therapists look after the individual needs and foster the abilities of each person through various therapies.

Additionally, two carpentries and two tailor shops, as well as a car repair shop offer training possibilities for the disabled. A room for speech therapy, a hall for sports and Eurythmy, two music room’s and a doctor’s room offer enough space for all the therapies. Last but not least a conference room as well as a kitchen has been established for the daily routine.

Due to the country’s general situation the remedial teachers work under extremely modest financial circumstances. However, the initiative puts in a lot of effort to cover the costs despite the little means. Even the further education of the co-workers is still being taken care of. And therefore, the work of the Curative Education pilot initiative is continuing year after year under difficult circumstances, but nonetheless in a tireless spirit.

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