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Waldorf in Catalonia

Spain: For a long time there had been only one Waldorf school in the autonomous region of Catalonia in Spain, located among the beautiful hills just outside of Barcelona. In September 2013, the Waldorf School in Vic opened its doors in a building belonging to the Catholic seminary, which exists since the 16th Century. Currently about 60 children attend the school, which has been officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

In recent years, several parent initiatives have made attempts to establish more Waldorf facilities in Catalonia, but failed to gain the recognition of the school authorities. In 2008, the "La Font" initiative (the fountain) was founded as playgroup and through intensive work with the parents has grown considerably; first to a kindergarten and later to a school.

The great task of the first year was to provide valuable educational work and also to create a state-approved, legal Waldorf educational institution. To achieve this goal, the school had to move and with a lot of enthusiasm the parents successfully renovated and furnished the rooms in the Catholic teacher seminar.

There is a tradition in Catalonia during Advent season involving a wooden figure with two legs, a funny face and a red cap. At night “el Tió” eats whatever food the children have given him during the day. The night before Christmas the children spread a blanket over “el Tio”, under which he makes gifts appear on Christmas Day.

Just in time for Christmas 2013 “Tió” delivered a special gift to the Waldorf School La Font, when the news came from the country's Ministry of Education, that the kindergarten and the school was officially recognized.

Before the opening ceremony one of the founders said: “If we succeed in doing what seemed to be impossible, it is mainly because of the many secret, unrecognized and often invisible helpers.” The Friends of Waldorf Education have supported the school financially and consulted them during the recognition process. In order to continue growing the school, however, remains dependent on donations.

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