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The Friends of Waldorf Education need a strong backbone of supporters, as this is the only way we can assist new Waldorf educational impulses. Our principle is to forward all project related donations at 100% to initiatives abroad. At the same time, our work as an association is carried out independently with the help of supporting members.

In order to provide social support for Waldorf education on a worldwide basis, Ernst Weißert founded the association Friends of Waldorf Education in 1971. In 1976, a group of young people took over the Friends and turned them into what we are today.

Back then as well as today it is very important to the Friends, to accompany Waldorf initiatives around the world by consulting and supporting them. Through campaigns such as the WOW-Day or educational sponsorships the Friends intend to enable children coming from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to attend a Waldorf school.

Another important tool for the work of the association is the International Relief Fund. Through independent donations without specific purpose the Friends are able to quickly respond to urgent requests for help from abroad.

In 1993, the Friends launched their department for voluntary services worldwide. In 2011, this part of the Friends’ work was extended by the department for domestic voluntary services, through which international and German participants may volunteer in a social facility in Germany. Overall, the Friends of Waldorf Education now accompany about 1,000 volunteers per year and are one of the largest international organizations offering voluntary services.

Since 2006, the association is also active in the field of emergency education, which is dedicated to the psychosocial care for children and young people suffering from traumatic experiences in war zones and disaster areas.

On our website and through our biannual newsletter, we present our areas of work, keep you up to date about the international Waldorf movement and provide information about ways to support Waldorf initiatives.

One of the core principles of the Friends of Waldorf Education is to forward donations at 100% and therefore, the association relies on supporting members and donations for our work such as consulting Waldorf initiatives worldwide, public relations and administrative work. The amount of your contribution as a supporter of our association is entirely up to you. And as a special thank you, our supporting members receive our membership newsletter several times a year, updating you about our work and our projects worldwide. If you would like to receive the membership newsletter in English we would be glad if you would let us know.

We are looking forward to new members, who are willing to strengthen our work!

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