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WOW-Day news

Welcome to our news blog! Donation run, charity concert or bazaar - here we report about fundraising campaigns from all over the world. You can also find out what your donations achieve.

WOW-Day 2020: We introduce you to schools for your fundraising campaigns

In autumn each year, pupils raise funds for Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens and therapeutic education institutions around the world as part of our WOW-Day campaign. With our WOW-Day projects we introduce you to institutions that urgently need these donations. This time we take you to Myanmar,...

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12 months - 12 fairy tales: Our fairy tale of the month

As part of WOW-Day last year, we asked all participating projects to send us one of their favourite fairy tales. Since January we have been publishing one of these fairy tales every month. Now we have arrived at the penultimate fairy tale of the year. A fairy tale about poverty, wealth, arrogance,...

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WOW-Day 2020

We have reached the halfway point of the action period for WOW-Day (29.09.-29.11.2020). So far, 39 institutions from several countries have registered for WOW-Day. 14 of them have already carried out their creative activities and collected donations of €4,784. A heartfelt thank you for this! We...

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Your WOW-Day help: Dublin Steiner School

Dublin Steiner School is the only Waldorf school in the city. Most schools in Ireland belong to the Catholic church, very few are non-denominational or interdenominational, and very few people know anything about Waldorf Schools. As a non-denominational, independent school, Dublin Steiner School...

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WOW-Day Fairy Tale of the Month - August 2020

In August, the search for fairy tales takes us to the Escuela Caracol Waldorf School in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. From there we received the art fairy tale The Great Jocote Tree. Once upon the time, there was a lonely Great Jocote Tree, with no friends. Its leafs left with the wind, the...

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WOW-Day: Here’s where your help goes - Tajikistan: renovation of the roof and of the handicraft room

"Thanks to your support we could realize many school projects: we have renovated the roof of our school and a handicraft room, we have also finished the room for German lessons.”

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WOW-Day: Here’s where your help goes - Kenya: support for the school lunch

"The WOW-Day donation will be used for the children's school meals. This way the children receive a balanced diet and can concentrate better during the school day.”

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Invitation to WOW-Day 2020

This year's WOW-Day will take place from 29 September to 29 November 2020. We would like to invite you to take part with your event!

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WOW-Day: Here is where your help comes into effect - Kenia: equipment of kindergarten rooms

„Your gift will go into a worthy cause where it will be able to effect education from its early introduction stages. On behalf of the children and the staff of the Mbagathi Steiner School we express our gratitude to you all for your generous donation.“

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WOW-Day: Here, your help will do good - Georgia: Support for everyday life

"There are many special friends living in TEMI that do not receive any public funds and have no parents or family. The community is very happy to receive financial support for their daily lives.“

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Empower & donate now
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