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What is WOW-Day?

As a global campaign, Waldorf One World Day (abbreviated WOW-Day) offers the direct opportunity to actively stand up for people with disabilities in a tangible way and to provide them with a prospect for a self-determined life. On WOW-Day, people of all ages take a look into the "big wide world" and are committed to ensuring that other people also benefit from good education, a protective community or even just a warm meal. To meet this goal, they organise a variety of actions.

Why should you become active?

In many countries, institutions for people with disabilities are not subsidised by the state. And socially, in many parts of the world there is still a very long way to go to reach equality. So people with a disability are left to themselves in many places or have to be looked after and funded by their families up until old age.

A campaign for everyone - without differences

So far, WOW-Day was a campaign that was mainly focused on Waldorf students whose fundraising activities also benefited numerous curative education and social therapeutic initiatives. To underline the inclusive nature of this campaign, the Friends of Waldorf Education invite everyone in curative education and social therapeutic initiatives to shape the world through their own actions and contribute to making it a better place.

This is how you can participate

You organise a WOW-Day action either in individual housing groups or together with your entire community. Sit down together and consider what you can do well and what you enjoy. Any small but original fundraising idea can make a big difference. Suggestions for your actions can be found here.

Projects around the world

Institutions that are in need of support, can be found under projects around the world. You can either choose specific projects or donate towards the general WOW-Day fund. The latter allows us to support facilities worldwide that urgently need help. In this way we can especially help smaller initiatives that do not yet have a large group of supporters. If you would like to support a specific institution, you can inform us at any time, even after registration and up to the time until your donation reaches us.

Registration and transfer of donations

To register please simply fill in the online form with the name of the contact person at your school. After your campaign you compile all donations and your institution transfers the entire donated amount to the Friends of Waldorf Education. We then forward the WOW-Day donation at 100% to projects in need worldwide.

This year's campaign will take place between 29 September and 29 November. During this period, each participating institution selects a suitable day for their WOW-Day fundraising activities.

Important: Participating institutions are not constrained by the global time frame, but can also choose another individually suitable date.

WOW-Day 2017

Revenue: 258.120,83 Euro

(Update: 28.02.2018)


WOW-Day 2016

>> Thank you letters 2016
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Bank Transfer

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Coordination WOW-Day
Jana-Nita Raker
Ph +49 (0)30 617026 30

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