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Corporate Engagement

With the commitment of your company you can significantly improve the situation of children and provide them with education. Become a sponsor for a class or a school. Start your own fundraiser. Choose an occasion, for example a corporate event, a company anniversary, or a sports event. Start a conversation with us – we look forward to talking to you!

Together for the international Waldorf movement

With your donation, we can support Waldorf Schools in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and also in Europe. Your educational sponsorship, a particular project at a Waldorf school, the international relief fund, or also supporting our work are all ways to promote Waldorf schools in countries where parents cannot finance the school by themselves and where there is no state funding for independent schools.

Your contribution, as part of your corporate social responsibility, gives the gift of childhood, while sustainably supporting the entire school community. Your employees, customers, and partners will benefit from your investment as well.

Upon request, you will receive a donation receipt and a seal.

For 40 years now, we have been working sustainably and transparently to support the worldwide Waldorf School movement and we would be happy to advise you, also in person, in the placement of your donation.

Donations your way

With the following options

1. Educational Sponsorships
With your regular donation for a Waldorf class of your choice, starting at 500 Euros a month, you are supporting sustainable development.
+ 10% Campaign

2. Direct Support
With a single donation of 2.000, 5.000 or 10.000 Euros, you can provide healthy school meals for an entire year at the Rudolf Steiner School Mbagathi, Nairobi in Kenya or at the Escuela Caracol in San Marcos, La Laguna in Guatemala, or pay the salaries at the curative educational Michael School in Tbilisi, Georgia. Waldorf Schools in countries without state support need your help to bus the children to school, pay the teachers’ salaries, buy important school supplies or build new classrooms. + 10% Campaign

3. International Relief Fund
With your donation for the International Relief Fund, you provide scholarships and funding for teacher training and school building, as well as providing support in situations of urgent need (such as earthquakes or floods) – for the Waldorf movement around the world.
+ 10% Campaign

4. Supporting our work
Become a supporting member of the Friends of Waldorf Education or support our work with your donation. Our work is funded separately from the donations for the international Waldorf movement. We forward 100% of these donations to facilities abroad.

What is the + 10% Campaign?
We do not deduct any administrative costs from your donation. That’s why we would like to ask you to aktivly support our work taking part in our + 10% Campaign, so that we will continue to be able to reach our common goals. More information on 10% Campaign can be found here.


Start a conversation with us. We are looking forward to your call or mail.

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Empower & donate now
Empower & donate now