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Non-profit status + transparency

Since the foundation of the association in 1971, our donors have determined what we use donations for. From the very beginning we have passed on 100% of the donations for specific projects to Waldorf schools and kindergartens abroad. Since 1987 we have voluntarily engaged an auditor to audit our annual accounts.

Now we are taking the next step: we are committed to the principles of the Deutscher Spendenrat (DSR), which has set itself the goal of preserving and promoting ethical principles in the donation system in Germany. On 26.8.19 we were accepted as a provisional member. We have applied for the donation certificate and for this purpose we undergo a voluntary audit by an auditor commissioned by the German Donation Council.

All documents such as our articles of association, tax exemption certificate, registration certificate or our annual report can be found on our corresponding German page.

Empower & donate now
Empower & donate now