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Waldorf Worldwide

The Friends of Waldorf Education help you find projects from A-Z or Waldorf schools on the world school list. Furthermore, we are committed to help initiatives that require urgent assistance. Learn about our "Project of the Month" or initiatives currently looking for financial help.

Call for donations

In the vast majority of countries, independent schools do not receive state funding – and, in any case, there are no financial resources available during the founding phase. With your help we would like to support these schools and thus the new...

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Organisations Worldwide

Looking for information about Waldorf initiatives worldwide? Find schools, kindergartens, curative education facilities from A-Z...

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International Aid Fund

With this appeal for the International Relief Fund we sincerely ask you to donate so we can reinforce our position to answer urgent requests from Waldorf kindergartens and Waldorf schools abroad.

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Project of the month

Every month we introduce you to a Waldorf school or kindergarten in the world.

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Help a child go to school

In many countries Waldorf schools receive little or no government support. We arrange sponsorships in the sense of educational vouchers. Our approach is an agreement with the local school that the additional tuition fees coming from educational...

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Special topic: School Meals

Far too often, we underestimate the importance of a nourishing diet during school time, as well as the challenges running a school cafeteria brings with it. In most families around the globe, both parents are at work during the day and thus need to...

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Special topic: New Schools

Exactly 100 years after the opening of the first Waldorf School on the Uhlandshöhe in Stuttgart, a new Waldorf School opened in Dessau - it is now one of about 1,150 Waldorf Schools worldwide. The school in Dessau has - just like the Uhlandshöhe 100...

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100 Years of Waldorf Schools

This year we celebrate the centenary year 2019: 100 years of Waldorf Education. It began as a school for the children of the workers of the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory and became a worldwide school movement, very soon after the founding of this...

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Waldorf Education

A brief introduction to Waldorf education can be found here. All Waldorf schools that currently exist are featured in the world school list...

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For schools & classes

Students can make a huge difference in a common effort with their school class. A commitment to a foreign initiative not only supports the important educational work, but also broadens the geographical horizon of the students!

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How can I get involved?

This page provides you with opportunities to get involved and support the worldwide Waldorf movement through the Friends of Waldorf Education.

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100 Years - 100 Businesses

Until September 2019 we aim to acquire 100 new businesses as donors. Be a part of it with your business and celebrate 100 years of the worldwide Waldorf School movement with us. Start your own fundraiser. Choose an occasion, for example a corporate...

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10% Campaign

The Friends of Waldorf Education are primarily funded by members, supporters, individual donors and endowment funds. It is, however, not always easy to cover the entire costs. Nonetheless the Friends estimate that they could be able to cover the...

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Donate now

Become active! You can get involved in many ways supporting Waldorf education abroad.

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