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Waldorf Education in South Estonia

Estonia: Waldorf schools have existed in Estonia for more than 20 years. The school in Rosma, near Põlva in Southern Estonia, has its origins in Waldorf education as well as in the ideas of the Rosma born school reformer Johannes Käis, who was considered a pioneer of Estonian educational ideas at the beginning of the 20th Century. Today there are Waldorf schools in Tartu, Tallinn, Rosma, Viljandi, Aruküla, Keila and Rakvere. The Johannes Kool Waldorf School in Rosma is a primary school with nine classes; the school also has a kindergarten with two groups.

The Baltic society is willing to explore new educational pathways. This was recognized by the Ministry of Education and was continuously made the topic of numerous meetings and conferences of local education officials and school principals. In recent years, interest in Waldorf education by parents and the public has increased. Likewise, there is a high demand for training opportunities for prospective Waldorf teachers and educators.

Since 2008, Rosma also hosts a monthly event for parents, which can be attended by people interested in Waldorf education from the surrounding area. The group has bold plans for the future and encourages teachers and the board as well as the entire Rosma association to expand the school and the Waldorf centre. The goal is not only to recruit new students and their parents, but also to support the existing parent community in their educational efforts.

By taking over a sponsorship, you can help ensure that children from low income families may attend the Rosma Waldorf school as well and do not find themselves at a disadvantage. Any support is needed and appreciated with joy and gratitude.

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