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The 10% campaign: support our work

We often communicate that our projects receive “100% of the donations” or “your donation will be forwarded at 100%.” What does this really mean?

First and foremost, it means that if you give € 100 for a school, we forward the full amount to Africa, without any deduction for administrative expenses. In this case, the donor is able to decide for himself for which project 100% of his donation will be used.

Transparency and freedom of choice
Adhering to the principle of forwarding 100% of donations means that the budget for our work, e.g. administration of the donation process, consulting of projects, and public relations is not automatically ensured. Usually charity and development organisations deduct 15 - 20% of the donation amount for administrative purposes. This principle is contrary to our approach, because we want to give every donor the freedom of choice to support our work.

Who finances the work of the organization?
The Friends of Waldorf Education are primarily funded by members, supporters, individual donors and endowment funds. It is, however, not always easy to cover the entire costs. In recent years, the requests from abroad, the amount of administrative work, and public relations spending have increased significantly. Nonetheless the Friends estimate that they could be able to cover the increased budget and continue with their work, if donors choose to spend 10% of their donation towards the work of the Friends. From this initial idea, we developed the 10% campaign.

Bank transfer
When you donate, you can mention the 10% campaign in the reference line in addition to the project name. Then we know that you would like to donate 10% of your donation amount towards our budget. In this case, you might transfer € 50 for the Hekima Waldorf School, out of which € 45 will be forwarded to the school and € 5 are used for administrative purposes. We look forward to your support!

Example bank transfer form: indicate in the reference line: Hekima Waldorf School + 10% campaign

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You can also give a direct donation for our work here

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Empower & donate now