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Kurdistan-Iraq 2013 - 2016

President Baschar al-Assad’s brutal suppression of peaceful protests in the context of the Arab Spring in early 2011 and the following violent conflicts are said to be the catalyst for the ongoing civil war in Syria. The invasion by troops of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has further intensified the situation. There are now around 11 million Syrians fleeing. The civilian population, in particular the children, are the tragic victims of the fighting. Especially children find it difficult to cognitively process the man-made disasters of violence and cruelty.

Many Syrian refugees, especially those with a Kurdish background, took up the long, difficult journey to the Northern borders of Syria. As stated in Iraq’s new constitution of 2005, the region of Kurdistan is acknowledged as an autonomous region. Kurdistan borders Syria to the northwest and Turkey to the north. Many more refugees come to Kurdistan from other parts of Iraq too, for example many Yazidis who had to flee from ISIS.

In August 2013 an emergency pedagogic assignment took place in Lebanon, which provided emergency-pedagogic relief for Syrian refugee children. In cooperation with UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency, with which the Friends have worked in Kenya since early 2012, the emergency pedagogy team has been trauma-pedagogically active in the autonomous region of Kurdistan in refugee camps since the end of 2013. There are now many local colleagues, who can work with the children and adolescents in the camps on a regular basis. 

Anniversary celebration in Northern Iraq

Local pedagogues have been trained for three years and work daily with the children. This anniversary was celebrated at the beginning of April 2018. read more

Anniversary celebration in Northern Iraq

Local pedagogues have been trained for three years and work daily with the children. This anniversary was celebrated at the beginning of April 2018. read more

Emergency- and Trauma-Pedagogy on Location

In three refugee camps, local colleagues work with the children daily. Here you can read more about the work of FWE (Friends of Waldorf Education). continue.


Emergency Pedagogy Mission March 2017

The oldest of our local colleagues reports about his personal experiences and the work with the FWE (Friends of Waldorf Education). continue.

Emergency Pedagogy Mission January-February 2017

During this twelfth mission, the focus lies on the further training of local pedagogues and the education of teachers and parents. continue.

Emergency Pedagogy Trainings November 2016

As part of the emergency pedagogy mission in November, trainings for local pedagogues, teachers, and parents were carried out in Iraq. continue.

Emergency Pedagogy Mission from November 4th to 18th

A team traveled once again to Northern Iraq to support and train local pedagogues. Courses will also be introduced at the University in Dohuk. continue.

From August 26th till September 9th, an emergency pedagogy team from the Friends of Waldorf Education will travel for the tenth time to the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq.They will work under the direction of the Welthungerhilfe (World Hunger Aid) together with three other aid organizations in the so-called “summer schools”. continue.

The search for a new cooperation partner is over: our work will continue in Iraq!
The established long-term project in the camps Berseve I and II will be expanded in cooperation with the GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation). continue

From April 22nd to May 3rd 2016, a six person intervention team was once again in northern Iraq. The focus of this mission was the further training of local pedagogues and teacher and parent education. This will ensure that the work on the ground can be substainably continued. continue

From November 6th to 20th an emergency pedagogy international team traveled to northern Iraq. The focus of this seventh emergency pedagogy mission of the Friends of Waldorf Education, in addition to the work with the children, was the further training of the local team. continue

In September and October, a team of volunteer German emergency pedagogues was once again in northern Iraq. In cooperation with UNICEF, their project in schools there was continued, teachers and local specialists were supported and further trained. continue

In cooperation with UNICEF, nine local pedagogues could be installed and a local office set up in northern Iraq in April. A volunteer German team was on site from 29th of May until the 12th of June to train the local team. The teachers at the UNICEF schools were also offered further training. continue

At the end of March an emergency pedagogy team from the Friends of Waldorf Education visited recently traumatized children and youths in refugee camps in the province of Dohuk in northern Iraq. In four UNICEF schools 1,300 children could be supported in the processing of their terrible experiences and teachers were trained in dealing with traumatised children. continue

Since summer 2014, scores of Yazidis have fled the terror of the IS militia to north-eastern Iraq. By now, thousands of people camp out on the roadsides, live in building shells or refugee camps. From August 21st until September 4th a team of emergency pedagogues visited Dohuk to provide emergency pedagogic assistance for deeply traumatised children. continue

As the big refugee camps for Syrians in Lebanon and Jordan are often the focal point of media-attention, the numerous smaller camps in neighboring countries are easily overlooked. An emergency-pedagogic team of the Friends of Waldorf Education visited two of those smaller camps in the autonomous region of Kurdistan-Iraq from March 29 until April 11 2014. continue

For quite a while now the war-like conditions in Syria have been at the emergency pedagogues’ center of attention. The peoples’ sorrow is just as overwhelming as their need for psychosocial help and stabilization. Unfortunately, the security situation in Syria, makes it impossible to work directly in the country continue


  • +++ 18.11.2018 +++

    Disaster in Indonesia

    The severe earthquake and tsunami in October brought death and destruction to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.  In order to support the traumatised people in coming to terms with their experiences, an emergency education mission took place in the crisis region in November. more

  • +++ 01.11.2018 +++

    Help for the Philipines

    A team of the emergency pedagogy flies from 27.09. to 08.10. to the Philippines. Together with four local colleagues they will support the victims of the typhoon "Mangkhut". The storm caused serious damage in the Philippines and cost the lives of many people. Landslides and mudslides further aggravate the situation. more

  • +++ 10.11.2018 +++

    Mission in Gaza

  • +++ 13.07.2018 +++

    NOTE: Annual Emergency Pedagogy Conference 2019

    From 20 to 23 June 2019, the eighth annual emergency pedagogical conference will take place in the premises of the Parzival Centre in Karlsruhe.
    Under the title "Emergency pedagogy - How pedagogy can help injured (children's) souls", we will focus on the basis of emergency pedagogy at our next annual conference.

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