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Playground for nothern Iraq

A playground for children in northern Iraq


War and terror have been raging in Iraq for years. Tens of thousands fled, many of them children. Everyday life is often oppressive and not suitable for children. There are hardly any places for children in most cities or refugee camps. In order to shed some light on the troubled everyday life, a mobile playground was built in Khanke together with the KuKuk gGmbH. A mobile playground is a full-fledged playground that is shipped in a container. Which is then integrated into the playground equipment. Under the motto "Playing heals", the emergency pedagogy together with KuKuk and the support of many, has brought some light into the oppressive everyday life of the children.

The play container encourages traumatised children to move, play and gifts them moments of joy. It is also a colourful sign of hope in the often grey atmosphere and the lack of prospects.


  • +++ 13.03.2017 +++

    Aid in London

    The people in London are shocked and traumatised from the attacks of the past months and the high-rise fire, the building is now just a black memorial. In June two missions or seminars will take place on location in order to support affected persons. continue.

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