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Long-term Projects

During an acute mission, we establish contact to many other aid organisations, schools, and active people at the mission location. In working with these institutions and persons, sometimes the wish and need arise for a continuous offering for children and adolescents on-site. Especially after severe natural disasters, like earthquakes or floods, many affected persons must spend a long time in improvised camps or in the open. A similar situation is that of the many refugees in the world. Under such conditions, it is especially difficult for children and adolescents to process traumatic experiences, particularly as under these conditions new traumatisations can occur repeatedly.

At such mission locations, the Friends of Waldorf Education try to establish together with other partners child protection centres, so-called “Child Friendly Spaces”. There, local pedagogues are trained during further follow-up missions. These pedagogues then take over the daily work with the children. A contact point, where they receive daily offerings of care and healing activities, is very important for the children. Even “little things” like a structured routine or regular meal times help immensely.

The goal of these long-term activities is to be able to later place these initiatives in the hands of local colleagues. Some child protection centres exist over a certain period of time and can then later, after an improvement in the situation of the children, be closed, like for example in Haiti. In other regions it is good to maintain the offerings on a sustained basis, like for example in the refugee camp Kakuma in Kenya. In yet other cases, we accompany the work of local projects and support the initiatives through regular visits and trainings, like for example in Gaza.


Millions of people feld in 2015 from war, displacement, and hunger in their homelands and came to Europe. Also in Germany many found refuge. But the experiences in their homelands and during the flight have left emotional wounds. continue


Many Iraqi and Syrian refugees seeks protection from war in Kurdistan. After multiple missions, thereare now two teams of local pedagogues who provide regular offerings in the camp schools. continue

Nepal 2016 - 2017

The Friends of Waldorf Education carried out many missions in Nepal after the earthquake in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, teams were once again on location in order to work with the children and aid workers. continue.

Sierra-Leone 2015-2016

In order to fight against the social and economic effects of the Ebola epidemic, the Friends of Waldorf Education coordinated with other German organisations in Sierra Leone. In addition to a joint measures-catalogue, we developed an educational film. continue.


Growing-up in Gaza means a childhood in war. Again and again new traumatisations occur, so that they can be hardly overcome. The Friends cooperate with various child protection centers. continue


The taifun Hayan caused great devastation on the Phillipines. In Tacloban a child freindly space was constructed, in which children found a place of refuge and were able to process their experiences. continue


In huge refugee camps in Kenya live people, who had to flee from civil wars or starvation. The Friends built a Waldorf kindergarten and multiple child protection centres in Kakuma. continue


The effects of the 2010 earthquake on the small island were devastating. Almost all island residents lost their home and many people were buried. The Friends built a child protection centre. continue

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