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Kitale: more children can attend classes

One of the schools, who received donations for their school meals, is the Humane School in Kitale, Kenya. In her report, Juliet Mia, the founding teacher, talks about her newly introduced program for school meals.

In early 2019, we were able to start our "Lunch Program". It was fully financed, thanks to the donations we received through the Friends of Waldorf Education. Most of the children who attend our school come from families who can hardly afford to provide their children with regular nutritious meals. Nor is it possible for them to pay contributions to the school for food. Many of these children were only able to attend part of the classes because they went home for lunch and were often taken along to work by their parents. The school meal we now offer means that many children can take part in the whole school day.

In addition to the fact that more children are now attending classes, we have noticed other positive effects: The children appear to be visibly healthier and livelier than before and are more concentrated during the lessons. The children, parents, and teachers are very happy about the food, because it improves their everyday life considerably. The whole school community wishes from the bottom of their hearts for the program to be continued.

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