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Education needs nourishment: Thank you so much for your donations!

With our call for donations “Education needs nourishment” we made school meals our central topic last year. Our main focus was on Waldorf Schools and Kindergartens that have a high proportion of children who hardly get enough food at home. A healthy and balanced diet is important to learn well and can perhaps even break the cycle of poverty.

We could forward more than 140,000 euros in donations to schools and institutions. For example, the still very young Hebet el Nil School in Luxor received 3,000 Euros with which it was able to equip its school kitchen for the first time - finally the children can eat at school. This is especially important as the parents of most children work all day in the fields and are not at home to prepare lunch.

We received especially many earmarked donations for the Waldorf Kindergarten in the Ethiopian City of Hawzen. We could directly forward more than 9000 euros in earmarked donations. We were able to cover half of the annual costs for school meals in both 2018 and 2019 at the following institutions: the socio-pedagogical institution Salva Dor in Brazil, the Humane School in Kitale, Kenya, the École du Village, Haiti, and the Creative Education Foundation in Zanzibar. The Rudolf Steiner School Mbagathi in Nairobi received 20,000 euros from the call for donations for 2018; half of the annual amount the school needs to feed its 320 school students.

These are just a few examples that show the great contribution our donors have made to improve the nutrition of many children. But the need is still acute. We are very grateful for further donations concerning our main topic "Education needs nourishment".

Christina Reinthal (Spring 2019)

This Text appeared in "Waldorf Worldwide", Spring/Summer 2019

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