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“Soglasie” Waldorf School and Kindergarten

Russia: The Waldorf community in Zelenograd is raising money to be able to fund a new school and kindergarten building. A suitable property has already been found. With its many trees and possibilities for creating playgrounds and sports facilities it serves as an ideal location for the school.

In 1992, a number of dedicated parents founded the “Soglasie” Waldorf Kindergarten. Soon they expanded and added a school. Since then many changes and relocations have characterised the development of the Soglasie initiative. By 2013 the school and kindergarten had moved to a new school building six times already. Nonetheless parents, teachers and volunteers have contributed much strength and skill for all types of renovation to make it happen. Unfortunately the latest building does not suit the needs of the school either and prevents further development and growth.

Currently about 130 children and adolescents attend grades 1-11 and two kindergarten groups. They are instructed by a total of 30 teachers and educators. In total the school community comprises 70 families, of which most have two or more children. For 2013/2014 the school is planning a crucial and major project as it aims to acquire a building in which the school and the kindergarten can finally be accommodated for the long term. In the light of having to move again, this time the school community decided to buy a building in which it would be possible to grow and develop a thriving school life.

In fact Parents and teachers have already found a unique building in a suburb of Zelenograd, situated on a lakeshore near a forest. The property is approximately 0.9 acres large and is located amidst a paradise like surrounding. Furthermore the floor plan of the building with its 900 square meters provides enough space to accommodate classrooms and kindergarten facilities. So far the school community has been able to raise a small sum, but needs more support in order to implement the dream of having their own place.

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