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An outpost of Waldorf Education half way between Rome and Sekem

Italy: Palermo Waldorf School was founded in 1987 by a group of parents and teachers. It is one of the first Waldorf schools in Italy. The Sicilian city of Palermo is a cultural city with a thousand years of history, but the fight for causes such as civil rights continues to be an every day struggle. Founding a Waldorf school in such an environment has only been possible with a great deal of teacher and parent involvement.

The Waldorf School is now working for 25 years in the center of Palermo and over the years has become an important address for parents, who are interested in an individual and creative education. In addition, the school is an important reference point for disadvantaged children.

The school in Sicily is like an oasis in a vibrant city. In its own way, it strengthens initiative that may create healing forces in a world where the Mafia rules, poverty is high and the environment is determined by stark contrasts. Here Waldorf education can make a difference.

The school’s financial situation has become more and more critical in recent years. Since its foundation there is a fund for socially disadvantaged families, which has recently failed to provide sufficient help. This resulted in several families signing off there children from school.

Since many years the school also tries to contribute to the city by encouraging discussions on education, freedom or school communities and thus works towards a positive development.

It has, however, become more and more difficult to find the necessary funds to keep the school running. Despite this difficult situation the school is currently trying to find a bigger building and to continue to work on the major issues of education, art and freedom on a public level.

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