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Cittadella: Successful curative education

The Waldorf School Aurora in Cittadella near Padua has integrated a curative education stream. The school doctor Remidio Cinzato reports:

"Many children come with particular questions and difficulties. In order to help them a group of teachers, doctors and therapists have formed. Curative education is practically unknown in Italy and it is not easy to awaken interest in the locality. We also lack rooms and money for the necessary work. Where we could offer help, we have seen the children blossom.

Seven years ago Alessandro came to us, a boy with difficult developmental retardation. Last year he passed the state exams that all children in the fifth class have to take. The exam commission was astonished and applauded him for the way in which he could express himself. After the exams members of the commission asked us how we had worked with the boy.

Recently the state authorities sent us a boy who was particularly difficult. After a few months there were such astonishing changes that we had never seen in such a case before. All this is thanks to the Waldorf curative educational approach.

In the moment we can help 12 children and youngsters. Our initiative group could finance a little wooden house to have the necessary rooms. But already in the current year we would need more place. We are grateful to anyone, who can help us!"

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