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Corona Reports from the schools

With our urgent call from last week we would like to help the schools and other Waldorf educational institutions that are affected by the economic consequences of the Corona crisis. Every day we receive reports of the special situations of these projects, which we would like to share with you here.

Waldorf in crisis areas: Help for schools, kindergartens and therapeutic education facilities

The whole world is talking about and living with the Corona Crisis. In some parts of the world, the effects of the pandemic and the accompanying restrictions are compounded by other problems: wars as well as natural and man-made disasters lead to many refugees and severe emergencies. We would be most grateful if you could support us with a donation to help Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens and therapeutic education institutions in these areas.

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WOW-Day 2020: We introduce you to schools for your fundraising campaigns

In autumn each year, pupils raise funds for Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens and therapeutic education institutions around the world as part of our WOW-Day campaign. With our WOW-Day projects we introduce you to institutions that urgently need these donations. This time we take you to Myanmar, to the Lotus Garden International School in Pyin Oo Lwin.

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Empty Classes: The new issue of "Waldorf Worldwide" is out now

All over the world, for much of this year, people's everyday lives have been impacted by the effects of the Corona pandemic. For many Waldorf Schools, Waldorf Kindergartens and therapeutic education institutions in our worldwide movement the adverse effects are threatening their very existence. Our appeal for donations has mitigated the consequences of the Corona crisis, and our Joint action: Corona Aid has already been able to help in many places. Where your donations have already had a positive impact and why help is still urgently needed, we report in "Waldorf Worldwide".

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Two natural disasters: Covid-19 and a life-threatening plague of locusts in Ethiopia

In the small town of Hawzien, in the north of Ethiopia, there has been a Waldorf Kindergarten since 2006 and a partner school since September 2014. The parents can only pay symbolic amounts to the school and kindergarten. School founder Atsbaha Gebre-Selassie and his colleagues are almost completely dependent on donations. In his latest report, which he wrote for us, he describes the current situation in which the school community have had to deal with many challenges at this time.

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Aid for Waldorf Schools and Waldorf Kindergartens in Slovakia

The two Waldorf Schools and Waldorf Kindergartens in Slovakia have asked us for support in a joint application. None of them receive any state subsidies, and because of the increase in unemployment among the children's parents, many contributions to the kindergartens and schools are not being paid. From funds raised in our appeal "Reducing the consequences of the Corona crisis" we were able to provide a total of more than €17,000 for these institutions. One of the two Waldorf Schools is the school in Bratislava, which is currently under construction. In a letter to the Friends they describe how much the support is helping.

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Armenia: Corona Crisis and War

In Armenia, as elsewhere, the initial Corona restrictions in force since mid-March and the closure of schools have had an impact, particularly on independent schools, which are not receiving any state support even during the crisis. It is only since September that children have been going back to school under strict conditions: the temperature is measured in the morning, masks are compulsory in class, and instead of two children, they have to sit alone at a table. In order to be able to teach smaller groups of learners, school hours were extended to Saturday and online teaching was provided for the higher classes. The long period of school closure, the large amount of extra work involved in attending lessons and the restrictions on leaving the school also posed great problems for the Waldorf School in Yerevan: "Most of the parents at our school work in the tourism industry, in cafés, restaurants and hotels", Ara Atayan from the Waldorf School, founded in the early 1990s, explains to us. "Many have already lost their jobs. Some pay less school fees, some can't pay anything at all". For this autumn, Atayan expected to see his monthly budget halved. This amounts to a total loss of at least €108,000, which must be recouped, so that the school can continue to operate. In addition to the Corona crisis, the country is also reeling from a renewed flare-up of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh. This dispute has lasted for a century. In July 2020, fighting broke out between the armed forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan on the border between the two countries. A former pupil of the Waldorf School in Yerevan also fell victim to this conflict. We tell you about his shortened life on our website. ...

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Our project of the month: Escuela Libre Micael in Buenos Aires

During this time of the Corona pandemic some schools find it difficult to keep children and their families in the school community when parents lose their jobs and their incomes. The Escuela Libre Micael, founded in 2013 in the southwest of Buenos Aires, is doing its best to hold the school community together. All the teachers decided to reduce their salaries to 75% and the parents promised to pay as much as they can for school fees. Most of the parents are deeply involved in the school and their shared community project. They contribute a range of goods and products for sale, organise markets and bazaars, hold seminars and workshops, and stage performances - all to raise money for their school. Strong school communities that work together, for each other, are better equipped to survive crisis and cope with external deprivation and, in doing so, work to shape their future opportunities.

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Ñamandu, Argentina: A film about the Waldorf Kindergarten in the rainforest

Almost three years ago, as part of their voluntary service, Elisabeth Rybak and Paula Kiefer built a kindergarten in Misiones in the rainforest of Argentina. Elisabeth and Paula and other volunteers, who have worked in the kindergarten, continue to their support. They collect donations, run a blog and recently, they made a wonderful film about the kindergarten and the Mbaya-Guaraní culture.

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Brazil: Caring for the families of Guainumbi

The Guainumbi social therapy facility is located on the outskirts of São Paulo in Brazil. It works with people with disabilities who come from disadvantaged and vulnerable families. Normally, they receive three meals a day and take part in therapeutic workshops such as baking, carpentry, music, theatre, dance and gardening. They also learn reading, writing and arithmetic. The institution started as a small project. Like all schools and community facilities in Brazil, Guainumbi had to close down with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Activities and workshops are now as impossible as eating together. So far, we have been able to provide € 15,470 through donations to our appeal, Mitigainge the consequences of the Corona Crisis. This money will enable the families of the people we care for to be provided with food and hygiene supplies for three months. Twice a month packs are distributed to 118 households.

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Compulsory mask-wearing and temperature monitoring: The new school day at the Hermanus School in South Africa

In South Africa, the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing rapidly. Nevertheless, the government decided to re-open schools in June, including the Hermanus Waldorf School. The majority of the children who go to Hermanus School come from disadvantaged families in the surrounding townships. The Corona crisis has further increased poverty in these locations. In their August newsletter the team of teachers at Hermanus describe the new daily life at the school in a message to donors who support the school.

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Waldorf Worldwide

Since 1976, the Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e. V. (Friends of Waldorf Education) have been supporting Waldorf Schools, Waldorf Kindergartens, social therapy, and curative education institutions as well as social initiatives in order...

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Call for donations

The whole world is talking about and living with the Corona Crisis. In some parts of the world, the effects of the pandemic and the accompanying restrictions are compounded by other problems: wars as well as natural and man-made disasters lead to...

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Project of the month

Every month we introduce you to a Waldorf school or kindergarten in the world.

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Help a child go to school

In many countries Waldorf schools receive little or no government support. We arrange sponsorships in the sense of educational vouchers. Our approach is an agreement with the local school that the additional tuition fees coming from educational...

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