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Covid-19: Help in the crisis

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The Corona crisis brought many Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens and therapeutic education institutions around the world into great distress . As a general rule, the schools and centres do not receive any state support, and those who had less income due to the pandemic received no public financial support either. Those parents and families who might have been able to pay small contributions to the school before were no longer able to do so. The consequences for the institutions were devastating in many cases.

For almost three years we have been accompanying numerous Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens as well as therapeutic education and social therapy institutions around the world through the Corona crisis. With donations from our first urgent appeal in April 2020 and from our Joint Action: Corona Aid, we were able, in many cases, to prevent schools and kindergartens from having to give up and close due to the economic consequences of the pandemic. We were able to help schools run distance learning lessons, or classes with enhanced hygiene measures. In some cases, we were also able to provide families with hygiene and food parcels.

The long-term consequences of the pandemic and the restrictions on public life that accompany it are still not foreseeable. Additional crises with global repercussions are complicating the situation and exacerbating inflation in many countries around the world. One thing is clear however, more than ever before, access to good education is more difficult, especially for children from poorer backgrounds. With your donation, we can continue to help Waldorf schools to not only continuing at all, but also to educate children regardless of their parents' financial circumstances.

Since spring 2020, we have been able to forward more than €1.7 million to over 100 schools in 39 countries.

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Empower & donate now