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Nepal 2016-2018

The severe earthquake of 25th April 2015 brought death and destruction to Nepal. This is an experience that leaves deep spiritual traces, especially in children.  The aim of the Friends of Waldorf Education is to support these traumatized children in the processing of their experiences.

"Such a catastrophe shocks the child's view of the world and can trigger post-traumatic stress reactions," explains Bernd Ruf, managing director of the Friends of Waldorf Education. "The child literally loses the ground under his feet and trust in stability. Suddenly it has to deal with fear, injury, death and the destruction of its surroundings. With emergency pedagogical methods, we can stabilise these children and thus prevent trauma follow-up disorders."

February 2018

The mission in February was again led by Lukas Mall. He spoke to a local GIZ employee about her work and emergency pedagogy.read more

November 2017

The poverty-stricken country is still suffering the consequences of the earthquakes. Reconstruction is proceeding very slowly. Strengthening the children for their future is the goal of the emergency pedagogues. read on

February 2017

On 18 February 2016, nine volunteers from the Emergency Pedagogy set off for the fourth time. For the first time, a professional photographer accompanied and documented the work of the team. read on

August 2016

After the severe earthquake in Nepal in 2015, an acute and aftercare intervention took place in cooperation with "Aktion Deutschland Hilft". In August 2016 another team was on site.  read on

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