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Capao Bonito, about 233 km from São Paulo, is home to the non-profit organization CREAR. What CREAR does and how the children get to the facility, you can find out here.

Our day-care centre for children and adolescents has two main areas of work: the day-care and kindergarten area and the social education area for young people and school children. Closely connected to both areas is the work with the families of the children and adolescents, and also with other families in our district.

Our institution is located in one of the poorest parts of the city, which is characterized by problems such as a lot of drug use, drug dealing, prostitution, unemployment and violence. All these circumstances shape and influence the social life of the families very much. All our children and young people live in this part of the city. Most of them have their home in the immediate neighbourhood and only a few have to travel a distance to get to our centre. 

Accordingly, their way to CREAR can be dangerous. The kindergarten children, as well as many of the first to third graders, are brought to the centre and collected by a family member. The older children and teenagers come and go independently. The morning groups do not have school in the afternoon, which means they have to walk home from CREAR fairly quickly. Some mothers prefer to pick them up, so they don't get lost on the way; for example, while playing. Drug dealing and drug taking affect many people in this district, and unfortunately, are part of the daily picture of our neighbourhood, including around our facility. Caution is always required on journeys to and from the centre. Nevertheless, the children and young people come to us with great pleasure and we are pleased every day that they come and express their creativity.

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