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WOW-Day: Autumn market at the Liceul Teoretic Waldorf in Moldova

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On Saturday, 22nd of October 2022, our WOW-Day event took place. It was awaited by the entire Waldorf community after a two-year break due to the pandemic.

Bright autumn colours, children and parents enjoying their time together, exhibitions of vegetables and fruits, homemade food and diverse gastronomic creations, handmade crafts, music, dancing and singing! All these precious moments took place in our schoolyard.

The event began at 9 o’clock with a touching theatrical performance of the 7th graders through which they communicated about the importance of being kind towards all, no matter who they are. Traditional songs, as well as modern songs in French, German, English and Romanian, contributed to the exciting atmosphere. The songs were about unity, equality and PEACE.

After the official part was over, all sorts of exciting activities began. Children were happy to play different games and participate in various contests and many creative workshops, meanwhile, the teens and the parents were selling and buying lots of goods. Everybody contributed to WOW Day by bringing the best products. As a result, the tables were full of traditional food, delicious drinks, sweets, handmade postcards, paintings, toys, jewelry, etc, and everybody had a lot of fun. Everything was full of genuine love and commitment. The Autumn Bazar was a beautiful opportunity for communication and an educational moment for everyone, one of gratitude towards autumn for its beauty and rich fruits.

Warmest regards from Moldova,


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