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How to organize a charity run?

A charity run is a very popular WOW-Day fundraising activity. Below you can find all necessary information.

Each school is free to decide if it would like to have T-shirts or buttons for the WOW-Day sponsored run. Neither the Freunde der Erziehungskunst nor the Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen make this available.

How does it work?

Organising a charity run requires an organisation committee, which selects the track and sets the distance, time and conditions. It depends on where you want to organise your charity run. You can choose a short distance, for example, on the schoolyard, or any other suitable route.

Before the charity run, each participant looks for one or several sponsors, willing to support the participant with a pre-specified amount per lap (minimum € 1). Alternatively, a sponsor can also offer a fixed sum (minimum € 10) irrespective of the number of laps run by the participant. The contributing sponsors are entered into the sponsorship list, which is handed in to the organising committee prior to the event.

In case you would like to count the laps first and then calculate the donations accordingly, make sure that you find a way to count the laps. Either one or more organisers stand in one place and keep a tally for each participant, or the runners remember their laps or they receive one rubber band per lap, which allows them to count completed laps afterwards.

For the children's run, participants are allowed to simply walk or run at any pace for a time period of 30 minutes. Parents are of course invited to accompany their little ones if they wish to do so. At the youth and adult run the rules are similar, the run time, however, is 45 minutes. Each lap is 400 metres long.

After the charity run, participants receive their sponsor list back with the complete donation amounts that are due. Participants are then obliged to collect the donation amounts by themselves. The returned sponsor list shows the total amount earned by the individual participant and also the individual amounts payable by each sponsor.

Groups like sport clubs, parents of a class, members of associations or companies etc. are welcome to participate and register for the event as well. Tents, changing rooms and a shower possibility should be provided. For refreshment water stations can be arranged by the school. The event should be able to take place irrespective of the local weather! A varied support program which accompanies the charity run, creates a good atmosphere and a lot of spectators.

Please note: due to the German law we can only provide donation receipts to to donors with a registered residence in Germany.


Here you will find model employment contracts, press material as well as forms for the sponsor run for download.

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