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September 2020

Escuela Libre Micael in Buenos Aires

During this time of the Corona pandemic some schools find it difficult to keep children and their families in the school community when parents lose their jobs and their incomes. The Escuela Libre Micael, founded in 2013 in the southwest of Buenos Aires, is doing its best to hold the school community together. All the teachers decided to reduce their salaries to 75% and the parents promised to pay as much as they can for school fees. Most of the parents are deeply involved in the school and their shared community project. They contribute a range of goods and products for sale, organise markets and bazaars, hold seminars and workshops, and stage performances - all to raise money for their school. Strong school communities that work together, for each other, are better equipped to survive crisis and cope with external deprivation and, in doing so, work to shape their future opportunities.

.Nana Goebel

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