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October 2020

Waldorf Education in Pampa del Infierno

Some places have unusual names. Pampa del Infierno means something like the lowlands or the Pampas of Hell. Perhaps this place is named after the endless expanse, the rampant cultivation of soya beans, the huge industrial silos, or the harsh appearance of the small town? Or, maybe it’s because the founders ended up being stranded there without finding anything? 

In the middle of these flat, unending grasslands in the north of Argentina, some highly committed parents founded a Waldorf kindergarten and discovered some kindergarten teachers in the locality. A miracle! Now, under Corona conditions, life and work have become difficult and help is urgently needed to finance the livelihoods of the kindergarten teachers. Above all else, those involved want to persevere and continue to serve the children and their parents. Please help them!

Nana Goebel

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