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March 2020

New Waldorf School in Ireland

Waldorf Education began on the Emerald Isle in the mid-1980s, at first in bitter poverty, then, after a long struggle with the Catholic-dominated Irish school system, with state support from 2008 onwards and with a considerable change in the curriculum. The number of Waldorf Schools has remained limited; they are mainly located in rural areas. In the cities, for a long time, only Waldorf Kindergartens were established.

With the social changes in the Republic of Ireland, with the economic growth and with the liberalization of lifestyles, more and more parents questioned the Irish education system and were increasingly responsive to other educational approaches. In this changed environment, the Waldorf School in Dublin was recently founded, supported by highly motivated teachers. The school is not rich. On the contrary. It needs our support in renovating and equipping the school building. They themselves have the will to persevere.

Nana Goebel

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