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July/August 2021

In the middle of the noisy city

Bogotá is high, very high at 2,600 metres above sea-level. With its cool climate Bogotá could be attractive all year round if it weren't for the crowds, the noise and the high levels of crime. And, of course, there are both pleasant neighbourhoods – at least behind the barbed wire fences – and very violent neighbourhoods where nobody dares to go out at night.

The Colegio Inti Huasi has had a Waldorf kindergarten since 2006 and a Waldorf school since 2010, located in a southern suburb and thus, in an area between the extremes. The only difference is that the Colegio does not have its own house and has to move every few years. The classrooms and classes are distributed in several different houses. So, during the pandemic and with regulations stipulating that only small groups are allowed to assemble, solution were always found. But what will happen next?

For the children, a wonderful break from everyday life occurred when, during the pandemic, friends of the school offered to hold some of the lessons outside the city in the countryside. Unfortunately, in the medium to long term, most parents will not be able to afford the transport back and forth. The school, therefore, needs a place in the city and the search is underway.

Nana Goebel


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