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January/February 2020

New Waldorf School in rural Georgia

Outside of Tbilisi and already with a view of the high mountains of the Caucasus lies the small village of Saguramo. For many years, several people there have been caring for children who spent the first years of their life in an orphanage. From these beginnings the desire to build a Waldorf School in the country grew stronger and stronger. The children in the first grades should experience the agricultural activities practically, become friends with the plants and animals and thus develop a lively feeling for the course of the year. With great joy the first graders flocked to their classroom in early September 2019, warmly welcomed by colleagues, parents, and friends.

Thus, in the year of the 100th anniversary, the second Waldorf School in Georgia started; a further Georgian Waldorf School is being planned. In order to enable children from precarious situations to attend school, the new school is happy to receive donations to cover its running costs.

Nana Goebel

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