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April 2022

Waldorf in Fót, Hungary

In recent years the speed at which new Waldorf schools have been established in Hungary has increased. This is probably due, in part, to the general social situation, with more and more parents enrolling their children in independent schools. About half of all Waldorf Kindergartens and Waldorf Schools are grouped in and around Budapest. Large and small Waldorf schools can be found in the capital as well as in the surrounding villages. For many years, one of the older Waldorf schools, with a kindergarten and twelve classes extending through the upper school, was located in Fót Castle Park.  
When the school had to move, parents and teachers gathered their strength and resources to build a new school on their own property. Now the kindergarten is in a similar position, having to leave its site and create a new home, also on its own property. The school community needs our support to take this next step towards independence


Nana Goebel


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