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Music For A Better Future

Peru: Since 2006, the Music Academy “Arpegio”, dedicates its work to the fostering of children coming from socially disadvantaged areas, especially from El Povenir. Their commitment already started in 2003, when several children learned how to play an instrument in charge-free lessons. Apart from the orchestra “Orquesta de Barro and the offering of music lessons for various instruments, a choir is also an integrated part of the initiative since 2005. Arpegio is being directed by professional musicians and has already been able to support more than 750 children with its musical program, including the schools “Talentos” and “Isaac Newton”.

30 plastic flutes marked the beginning of what was to become the Music Academy Arpegio. The three professional musicians, all members of the Symphony Orchestra Trujillo, who started the initiative, envisioned a youth symphony orchestra fostering children coming from poorer families. As time passed, the initiative was able to expand the 60 members-strong flute orchestra with violins and celli.

When the Orquesta de Barro finally gave a concert for the first time, at a book fair in 2005, it was the positive feedback, which motivated the young orchestra members to continue their diligent practicing in order to improve their skills even more. The Award “Integration and Solidarity” provided by the biggest Peruvian radio station was given to the Orquesta de Barro in the same year, appointing them “best institution” and made it clear that the youngster’s effort has not remained unnoticed.

With high spirits the now prizewinning music project continued its work. A choir was founded, including 50 youngsters from the poorer city district “La Esperanza”. Accompanied by the Orquesta de Barro the choir debuted with a Christmas concert in the Trujillo Cathedral.

The foundation of the Music School Arpegio in 2006 allowed the initiative to provide a sustainable fostering of children and teenagers. At that point the impulse of the musicians already enjoyed a large clientele and a good reputation. But together with the daily newspaper “El Tiempo” and the Montessori School, the initiative was able to additionally found a second Orquesta de Barro. Furthermore, the school “Modelo” signed an agreement stating that they follow the aim to found another choir.

Arpegio’s story of success continued. In 2007 the orchestra performed in Lima and started to welcome five volunteers per year, sent by the Friends of Waldorf Education. The volunteers give music lessons as well as they teach language courses and help the co-workers of Arpegio wherever they can. Today the initiative works with already 150 children and youngsters aged between 3-17 coming form Campiña de Laredo, Florencia de Mora, Esperanza and Trujillo.

In this short time Arpegio can look back on 60 concerts and is able to proudly announce that some of the teenagers, who started their musical education with the initiative, have continued their studies at the Music Conservatory of Trujillo.

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