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Cusco - Qewar

Peru: In Andahuaylillas, a small village south of Cuzco, the Q’ewar social project was founded in 2002, in order to stop people from migrating to the slums of...

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Huandar - Wiñaypaq

Peru: Wiñaypaq is a non-profit organization for culture, ecology and education. Its goal is to preserve the wisdom and knowledge of Andean culture by renewing...

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Lima - APECO

Since 1982 APECO (Asociación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza) is engaged for the environment in Peru. The team of biologists, sociologists,...

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Lima - Pro Arte Waldorf School

Peru: Pro Arte, a cultural association founded in 1984 in Lima, serves as an umbrella organization for four Waldorf initiatives: including a kindergarten with...

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Lima - Colegio Micael

Peru: The state of education in Peru is still very difficult for children from poor families. Families that have money can afford a better private education...

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Lima - Colegio Waldorf

Peru: The Colegio Waldorf Lima was founded in 1982 with three grades. The initiative quickly developed to be a comprehensive school with all 12 grades, where...

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Lima - Pro Humanus

n the fertile valleys of the high Andes where dwellings are made out of mud bricks there are people who still speak the Quechua language. Far away from modern life a "school on the move", integrates...

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Lima - Runayay

Peru: Runayay is a Day care centre in Lima, founded in 2007. The initiative follows the impulse to help young people to conclude with their past on the...

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Lima - San Christoferus

Peru: Since 1989, an exceptional initiative is located in Lima – the Curative Education School San Christoferus. The institution provides not only...

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Cusco - Kusi Kawsay

Peru: Kusi Kawsay (translation: to live in happiness) is the name of a small Waldorf school in Pisac, a region in the Andes. There they even have their own...

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Peru: Estrella del Sauce

Waldorf education becomes accessible to poor people in Peru. Now there is a small initiative in an Amazon village, offering an English class, afternoon classes and holiday care. ...

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Peru: Since 2006, the Music Academy “Arpegio”, dedicates its work to the fostering of children coming from socially disadvantaged areas, especially from El...

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